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�yCBJAM - Participation�z
There are no reserve tickets. Please pay 2000¥ when you arrive.
In order to know how many people plan to come, we would be grateful if you could
�yCBJAM – Event Information�z
The music will start at midday. Only the best artists play at CBJ, so let their music fill your heart and lose yourself in the tunes!
If you want to sit down, we recommend bringing a camping chair.
You can also join our wood workshop, where you can even try using a chainsaw! Bring bring!
You can enjoy delicious food from our stalls, only available at CBJAM! We will also be selling booze!
CBJAM is held in a beautiful, natural forest, so please bring spray for those pesky bugs! It will also get VERY cold at night, so we recommend bringing a warm jacket, trousers, and some boots.
One of the best things about CBJAM is that you can make a ton of friends here! People from different prefectures, and other foreigners from all over the world will come, so leave your inhibitions behind and let's have fun meeting new people! All of us at CBJAM aim to create a borderless festival.
�yMobile Phone Usage�z
You won't get any mobile phone reception at CBJAM.
Satellite reception may be set up on the day, but this will cost extra!
�yCamping Information�z
You may camp for free, and a kitchen and toilet area will be provided.
You may make your own BBQ, but please don't make an open fire.
Camping space is limited, so come early to grab your spot!
CBJAM is held at the foot of Mt. Gassan, and there are dangers, so please keep an eye on your kids. Do not drink and drive.
Let's follow the rules, and have a blast at CBJAM 2015!!!!

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